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La vida paraguaya –

11 Days / 10 Nights
Every 1st thursday of the month
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Untouched nature, rough live of the gaucho, the old and the new, historical and modern prospering Paraguay. On this trip we will show you the real and original country in the heart of South America with its gently people, culture and tradition.


Day 1: Asunción

Arrival at the international airport in Asunción and transfer to your hotel, where you have time to refresh after the long trip. In the afternoon we start our journey with a city tour through Asunción. You will get information about the beginning in 1537 the foundation of Asunción, the independence 1811, the heydays under President López and today. We will visit the "Casa de la Independencia", where the independence got proclaimed, the cathedral, the train station, the oldest in whole South America and the national pantheon. During that trip you will have the chance to try a typical speciality - the paraguayan empanadas. At the end of our tour we will make a stop at the most famous market of Asunción the "Mercado 4", which is typical for Latin America.
Bed and breakfast Hotel Portal del Sol 3*

Day 2: “Golden Circuit”

Today we will explore the surrounding areas of Asunción. Beginning with Yaguarón where we are going to visit the oldest church of Paraguay, built by franciscan monks in the 18th century. Driving to Paraguarí with its colonial buildings via Piribebuy to get to Caacupé, which is known as the Lourdes of South America. On the return to Asunción we will stop in San Bernadino, the first German colony, Aregua that is known for its ceramic art crafts and finishing with Luque the capital of silver jewelry. In the evening we will back in Asunción.
Bed and breakfast Hotel Portal del Sol 3*

Day 3: Asunción – Chaco / Filadelfia

We will leave Asunción in the morning driving direction Filadelfia the capital of the department Boquerón. The Chaco starts after traversing one of the two bridges that connects the east and the west of the country. During the journey we will stop a few times so that you have the chance to get an impression about the bio-reserve Chaco. Then we will arrive in Filadelfia. After a little repose we will explore the city and visit the Jakob Unger museum which tells the story about the beginning of the Mennonite colonies Loma Plata, Neuland and Menno. We also visit the diary of the Mennonites. From here the Mennonites attend the whole country with creamery products.
Bed and breakfast Hotel Florida 3*
Day 4: Filadelfia

Today we will spend the day by visiting the salt lakes of Loma Plata, there we also visit the stock farming station of the Mennonites. After this we will hit to one of the numerous Estancias where you can show your abilities like a real gaucho by milking the cows or throwing the lasso. In the afternoon we will drive back to Filadelfia.
Bed and breakfast Hotel Florida 3*

Day 5: Filadelfia - Concepción

After breakfast we will first visit Fortín Boquerón, one of the places of the Chaco war which happened between Paraguay and Bolivia in 1932-35. After this we are going to drive direction Concepción, our next destination. We always have time for short stops that you have time to enjoy the nature and the tranquility of the Chaco. In Concepción, where we will arrive in the late afternoon, we will explore the city and it´s cafés to have a drink.
Bed and breakfast Hotel Francés 3*

Day 6: Concepción

Today we change transportation. By boat we will drive the north on one of the rivers nearby Concepción. This area has a wide range of animals. With a little luck we might see a caiman, a capybara or a nandu. You also have the chance to fish one of the most dangerous fishes - the Piranha, that the kitchen in our hotel will prepare us to try. In the evening you have time to explore the city by your own and see the nearly 300 hundred year old buildings.
Bed and breakfast Hotel Francés 3*

Day 7: Concepción - Ciudad del Este – Foz de Iguazú

After breakfast we leave Concepción heading direction north. We pass by Yby Yaú and take the Route 6 driving to the south. On the way we are going to make a stop in one of the cigar manufacture and learn something about the paraguayan cigar industry. Here the cigars are still rolled by hand as 100 years ago. Try your fortune and roll one! After the visit our next destination will be Ciudad del Este, the border town to Brazil. We cross the bridge of the friendship to get to our hotel in Foz de Iguazú, were we spend the night.
Bed and breakfast Hotel Foz Plaza 3*

Day 8: Foz de Iguazú

Today we are visiting the waterfalls of Iguazú. With more then 275 falls on a length of more then 4 km and a height of 90m the water falls into the depth. On different ways you have the possibility to explore the falls and the national park to take photos. You will be surrounded by thousands of butterflies, iguanas, lizards and racoons during your walk in this unique wonder of nature. In the evening you might eventually like to eat at the restaurant "Rafain". This Churrasqerria (Barbeque Grill) offers its guests a typical show with a brazilian barbeque (show is not included in the price). .
Bed and breakfast Hotel Foz Plaza 3*

Day 9: Ciudad del Este – Bella Vista

In the morning we will cross the border to Paraguay again to visit Itaipú, one of the wonder of the world in modern time. Itaipú means in the language of the Guaraní indians „singing stone“, which comes before its construction. Right beside Itaipú there is the small indian museum „Tierra de los Guarani“, which we are going visit. Our trip will take us down to the south to get to the ruins of the Jesuit reduction Trindad.
The reduction was founded in the beginning of the 18th century and gave more then 4.000 people a home. The Jesuit padres showed the Guaraní indians how to live in organized communities and how to agriculture. They also taught them much about arts like music, painting and sculpture. In 1767 the Jesuits were banished by the spanish kingdom and they had to leave South America. The reductions were abandoned and the indians went back to the forests. During the visit you may get an impression about this missionary work the Jesuits left for the history. From the ruins it is not very far to our hotel where we are going to spend the night.
Bed and breakfast Hotel Papillon 3*

Day 10: Bella Vista – Trinidad – Asunción

This is the last day of our journey, but first we are going to stop in Obligado, where we are going to visit one of the biggest factories of Yerba Mate. The Yerba Mate is the national drink of Paraguay. Everywhere you will see people sitting around with their thermos flask drinking the Yerba. In winter times they drink it hot and in summer cold, then it´s called "Teréré". We will follow the Route 1 to San Ignacio where we visit the most important museum of Jesuit time. Our last stop before arriving Asunción will be Yaguarón with the oldest church of Paraguay. In the late afternoon we will be back in Asunción where we will drop you off at your hotel and the journey ends.
Bed and breakfast Hotel Portal del Sol 3*

Day 11: Asunción

After breakfast transfer to the airport of Asunción

Services included:
• 10 Overnight stays with breakfast in good middle class hotels
• Tours, transfers and entrance fees like explained
• English speaking guide
• All the travel (round about 2.500 km) in private and air-conditioned car


Welcome to Paraguay
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