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Hotels in the south of Paraguay

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In 1526 Ignatio de Loyola founded the order of the Jesuits. In the beginning of the 17th century the Jesuits came to South America. They had an appointment of the Spanish crown to help the indians which have been attacked by slave hunters and Squires. With the authorization of the Spanish empire the Jesuits started to build reductions, which were small villages where people lived by mixed farming. But they were not only teaching farming, they also cultivated the Guaraní in arts, like painting, singing and many more. This type of living worked out so well that the reductions were absolutely self sufficient and very healthy. In 1767 the Spanish empire banished the Jesuits and they had to leave South America. The reductions were left by it own devices and the jungle conquered the area back.
Nowadays only a few buildings and reductions have survived. Sao Miguel das Missoes in Brazil, San Ignacio Mini, Neustria Senora de Santa Ana, Neustria Senora de Loreto and Santa Maria la Mayor in Argentina, Chiquita’s in Bolivia, La Santisima Trinidad de Paraná and Jesús de Tavarangue in Paraguay are witness of this glories time. We will take you back in time and to explore those communities.


Hotel Papillon 3*

You will find the Hotel Papillon near by the Route 6. On 10.000 m² you have plenty possibilities to spend your time. If you want to go for a walk, play chess, Volleyball, Tennis or just relax at the swimming pool. With 40 rooms, a meeting room, a ball room for 250 people Wi-Fi internet and its own restaurant you have all you need to spend a nice time in the south of Paraguay. The rooms are furnished with bathroom, cable TV, mini bar and telephone.

Welcome to Paraguay
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