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The Guaraní Indians:
A Mistyc History

7 Days / 6 Nights
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Guaraní means "warrior“ in english. Nowadays we don´t know much about these people, whom lived in most parts of South America during the 16th Century. In Paraguay, the center zone of the Guarani, only 1% of this population is left. But their culture and way of life is noticeable everywhere. More then 80% of the paraguayan people speak "Yopara" - a mixture of Spanish and Guaraní. Guaraní and Spanish are the official languages of Paraguay; also the money is called Guaraní. The first governor insisted the amalgamation between the spanish and the indians, that’s why most of the paraguayan ancestors are Spanish and Guaraní, but they don´t belong to the indians. Today a lot of the citizens in Paraguay are very proud of their roots, and they try to preserve this culture. A serious problem is that the living circumstances of the real indians is still a traditional lifestyle and changes very slowly. On this journey we want to try to show you more about these fascinating people, to tell you something about their history, and their traditional way of live.

Day 1: Asunción

Arrival at the international airport Silvio Petirossi in Asunción and transfer to your hotel, where you have time to refresh after the long trip. In the afternoon we will start our journey with the city tour through Asunción. We will visit sites and monuments from the beginning of 1537, the foundation of Asunción, the Independence of 1811, the rule of President Lopez and today. We will visit the house where the independence got proclaimed, the „Casa de la independencia“, the cathedral, the train station, the oldest in whole South America and the national pantheon. We also will stop at the market "Mercado 4", which is a very typical market for Latin America. At the end of our tour we will stop at the ""Lido" restaurant, where you can try the typical paraguayan empanadas. In the evening you will meet Prof. Dr. Barreiro who is one of the best known experts about the Guaraní culture.
Bed and breakfast Hotel Portal del Sol 3*

Day 2: Asunción – Chaco/ Filadelfia

We will leave Asuncin in the morning driving direction Filadelfia the capital of the department Boquerón. The Chaco starts after passing one of the two bridges that connect the east and the west of the country. During the travel we will stop a few times so you have the chance to get an impression about the bio-reserve Chaco and to visit some indian villages. In the afternoon we will arrive in Filadelfia. After a little repose we will explore the city and visit the Jakob Unger museum, which tells the story about the beginning of the mennonite colonies Loma Plata, Neuland and Menno and their first contacts to the natives. We also visit the diary of the Mennonites. From here the Mennonites attend the whole country with creamery products.
Bed and breakfast Hotel Florida 3*
Day 3: Chaco / Filadelfia

Today we will spend the time by visiting the salt lakes of Loma Plata as well as some indian communities. There you may get an impression which kind of problems the former warriors have to face today. After this we will hit to one of the many Estancias in the Chaco, were you can show your abilities as a real gaucho, by milking the cows or throwing the lasso. In the afternoon we will drive back to Filadelfia.
Bed and breakfast Hotel Florida 3*

Day 4: Filadelfia – Asunción

Today we are going to drive back to Asunión where we will stay for the night.
Bed and breakfast Portal del Sol 3*

Day 5: Asunción – Yaguarón – San Ignacio – Bella Vista

Our day starts with visiting the oldest church of Paragauy in Yaguarón. It was first built in the 17th. Century by the Jesuits and destroyed. In the late 18th century Franciscan monks built a new church which you can visit today. The baroque church is made of wood and it is a very good example for the architecture for missionary churches of the 17th century. It also shows the capacity in arts of the Guaraní. Our journey moves on by passing Villa Florida till we arrive in San Ignacio, an old Jesuit reduction. All villages which contain the name "San" in their names were all reductions from this era. In San Ignacio we will visit the museum which contains the most quantity of artifacts from the Jesuit time. After this we will visit of the museums, we are going to drive to Santiago a small village near Encarnación. Santiago is a very good example for the structure how the reductions were built. We might visit the museum and enjoy the tranquility in this village. Before visiting Trinidad we will drive to Bella Vista where we are going to stop at our hotel. After refreshing we will finish our tour for to today by exploring the ruins of Trinidad - world heritage since 1993. In the Jesuit time more than 4.000 people lived in these reductions under the command of the padres. In Trinidad you will see the dimension of this open air museum. In the evening we hit back to our hotel where we stay for the night.
Bed and Breakfast Hotel Papillon 3*

Day 6: Trinidad – Itaipú – Foz de Iguazú

After breakfast we will drive 250 km to the north to Ciudad del Este, which is connected to the bridge of friendship to the brazilin territory. Before this we will visit on of the biggest Yerba Mate factories in Paraguay. The Yerba Mate is the national drink of the Paraguayan. In wintertime they drink it hot and in summer time cold, then it is called "Teréré". When we arrive in Ciudad del Este we will firstly visit Itaipú, the most powerfull hydroplant in the world. It is also called one of the wonder of the world in modern times. Here they produce more energy than 12 nuclear plants do. We will also visit the small indian museum of the Guaraní "Tierra de los Guaraní". Afterwards we will cross the bridge to get to our hotel in Foz de Iguazú, Brazil.

Bed and Breakfast Hotel Foz Plaza 3*

Optional - not included in the price:

Macuco Safari: Tour through the national park and boat trip through the waters of Iguazú to the devil's throat; price per person, approx. 50,00 US-$

Parque de las Aves:
Bird park righ besides the national park. Course of round about 1 km length with more than 150 diffenrent species of birds; Price per person, approx. 15,00 US-$.

Day 8: Foz do Iguazú
In the morning we will visit the biggest waterfalls in the world with more than 275 falls in a length of 4 km and a height of 90 m - the waterfalls of Iguazú. Explore on one of the many trails in the natural habitat of this national park and be impressed by these massive falls. After the visit we will drive you to the airport of the city of Foz de Iguazú, where you fly to you next program or where your can catch your connecting flight.


Services included:
• 6 Overnight stays including breakfast in good middle class hotels
• Tours, transfers and entrance fees like explained
• English speaking guide
• All the travel (round about 2.000 km) in private car with air-condition


TOUR-NR.: "RA21"

Welcome to Paraguay
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